Saturday, October 6, 2012

Napa Valley 6-08

Napa Etoile-Domain Chandon 047aNapa 6 0029Napa6 85Napa6 101Napa6 193Napa6 215
Napa6 221Napa 6 253Napa 6 281Napa 6-08-0298Napa6 299Napa 6 311
Napa 6 0331Napa 6 0332Napa 6 0333Napa 6 374Napa 6 0384Napa 6 401
Napa 6 403Napa 6 0407Napa 6-08 412Napa Robinson Family 414 5x7Napa 6 0429Napa 6 436

Napa Valley 6-08, a set on Flickr.

This was an unforgettable trip to Northern California. Just an experience of a lifetime .. beautiful countryside and perfect weather.. We were met at the airport in a limo that took us up to Napa. Then we were wined & dined and given private tours at these fabulous vineyards. Plus spoiled in the spa with the absolutely BEST massage I have EVER HAD! And to top it off...
This was a trip we won!
So it was all expenses paid!!